The megaSun 7900 alpha

About the megaSun UV tanning

The optional, intelligent tanning system, MegaSun adapts perfectly to the high demands and wishes of tanning salon customers and combines three different tanning variants. From basic to mediterranean to caribic, every customer has a UV spectrum that is tailored to their individual needs.

  • Superior bronzing, longest-lasting tan
  • 10 minute session
  • Additional options like body misters and air conditioning

Sunscape 756V

The power of the SS755 turned upside-down! That's right, the SS756V gives your tanners the intense tanning power of a true 200 watt system in a stand-up configuration with an 8 minute tanning session, perfect for those on the go.

Designed to tan head to toe. Use this bed once a week between sessions to even out skin tones and get a deeper, darker tan.

Stand up picture with lady

High Pressure Tanning Bed

magic bed


With this specialized equipment, tanning is taken to its purest form. The UVB rays are dramatically reduced and the tanning rays UVA are tremendously optimized. This means you will have a beautiful rich tan in JUST 3-5 visits. You will also only require 3-4 visits PER MONTH to maintain that tan.

One of the beautiful things about High Pressure Tanning Systems is that the UVB rays are at the barest minimum and the UVA, "tanning rays", are tremendously optimized. This means that the margin of error on our part is very small. The odds of overexposure are very low.

Why does my tan develop so fast when using a High Pressure tanning bed?

Your skin is capable of absorbing a lot of "tanning rays". The problem with traditional tanning beds is that the level of UVB rays is much higher. With our High Pressure Tanning Systems, the UVB rays are filtered and the tanning rays are optimized 3-4 times more than what is found in most traditional equipment. This results in a rich tan in just 3-5 visits. 

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